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This is actually my second time seeing Psycho. I think I can safely say that I have enjoyed it as much the second time around as I had the first. I think that it’s interesting that coming from a generation of thriller/horror films where they almost always rely on shock tactics to get a rise out of the audience, that I can watch a movie made in 1960 and be just as shocked.

Movies today have become so entirely predictable in their formula. Someone walks into a dark room, stringed instruments in the background get higher and more dissonant until you feel like you’re going to explode if something doesn’t happen RIGHT NOW. However, some have sauntered away from this formula slightly in that when you finally expect something to happen, nothing does, at which point you let out your held breath, and then they hit you with the shock. Touche, horror movies of today…touche.

Getting back to Psycho though, at that point where the detective is climbing the stairs, I was pleasantly surprised that the technology of the 1960s could hold me at a viable level of suspense. In addition to the awesome scariness of this film, the other aspect that makes me want to give it a hug is the psychological bit. The level of dual/adopted personalities is both complex and really fun to watch. Defintely one of the top twists of cinematic history. For me anyway. Maybe it actually is, but I haven’t seen enough movies or taken nearly enough of these classes to say for certain. In any case, an awesome film even the second time around and I’d watch it again in a heart beat.

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3 thoughts on “Review/Reaction to Psycho

  1. I totally agree with wanting to hug this movie for its psychological bit…or maybe get it some medication hah! I am a Psychology and a media major so its always a treat when I get to mix my knowledge of both subjects. The concepts of severe psychological disorders were barely explored at this time. So its interesting to see how much these concepts have evolved in TV and film since then for example in shows like Criminal Minds and movies like Shutter Island.

  2. I agree with everything you mention. I have seen Psycho a few times and everytime I see the film over and over,I discover something new and interesting. I realize that there are a lot of effects that Hitchock incorporates that many people don’t see when watching the film for the first time.

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